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Fidelia is the high-definition digital audio player for the sophisticated music lover. By supporting a full range of digital formats, including FLAC, and offering a complete set of audio tools, from EQs to compressors, Fidelia gives you full control over the listening experience

Fidelia Remote

Fidelia Remote for iOS turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a full-featured remote control for our powerful Fidelia premium music player. When your iOS device is connected to the same wireless network as a Mac running Fidelia, Fidelia Remote allows you to browse your music library and playlists, adjust playback volume and navigate between or within tracks from as far away as your wireless connection allows


Audiofile Calc

Audiofile Calc is a full-featured musical calculator and an indispensable utility for engineers, musicians, music students and teachers, producers, DJs, video and broadcast engineers and live sound engineers. Audiofile Calc contains 23 easy-to-use calculators.

Audiofile DDP

Audiofile DDP allows you to load, examine, and playback DDP (Disc Description Protocol) filesets. Whether you're a mastering engineer or band member previewing your next release, Audiofile DDP provides convenient and reliable DDP listening. Also included in Audiofile DDP is a useful database of audio mastering studios around the globe.


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Train your ears and improve your mixes with Quiztones frequency ear training apps for audio engineers, producers and musicians


A vocal processor like no other. Because every voice is beautiful (or can be).