A bright horizon of opportunity

Lake Superior at sunset.

Lake Superior at sunset.

Everything changes; it is an inevitable reality of the temporal world we live in. The recent changes at Audiofile are no exception. Without going on about irrelevant specifics, I want to be clear with folks asking on the various social outlets: Yes! You are heard. Very soon, apps and licenses will be back up and running. We'll be making key improvements to Fidelia, Audiofile Calc, Vio, and more. If you are looking specifically for Triumph, Myriad, Loop Editor or Spectre, these have been transitioned to Aurchitect Audio Software. But make no mistake, we are enthusiastically pursuing other new products to serve recordists, engineers, and producers going forward as we always have.

Why has it taken this long? We've been gradually expanding our contract product development efforts in parallel, which has always been a key aspect of Audiofile. The challenge with this sort of work is it's generally done confidentially and quietly. At this point, those initiatives are well in order and under way, so I'm happy to say you'll be hearing from us much more.

To all who have purchased Audiofile products over the years, thanks to you! We're all very excited about bringing you more great things to help you be more productive, enjoy your work, and push the envelope further each and every day. Cheers.



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