Audiofile Calc

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Audiofile Calc is a full-featured musical calculator and an indispensable utility for engineers, musicians, music students and teachers, producers, DJs, video and broadcast engineers and live sound engineers. Audiofile Calc contains 23 easy-to-use calculators.

Audiofile Calc is a 100% free app created by Audiofile, an industry-leading, boutique technology company building apps to power the world's musicians and engineers.


Calculators included:


- Note Length

- Bar Length

- Song Length

- Beats to Tempo

- Time to Samples

- Samples to Time

- Compare Tempos

- Change Tempo

- Sum Times

- Subtract Times


- Note Name to…

- MIDI Note to…

- Frequency to…

- Wavelength to…


- Frames to Timecode

- Convert Timecode

- Change Timecode


- Compare Power

- Compare Voltage


- Distance to Time

- Time to Distance

- Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

- Panning


- File Size